Mini Barns


Mini Barns from Meadow Lark Structures. Thank you for your choice to consider our line of storage buildings. You can use your Mini Barn for storing your garden tools, lawn equipment, or a multitude of other items. Our superior hand-crafted quality Mini Barns are built to please the eye and to endure the rigors of all types of weather conditions. With a choice of Vinyl, Economy, and Deluxe features. You can also customize your storage shed with our wide variety of options. Meadow Lark Structures is committed to providing you with a quality mini barn that will last for years of service in your backyard. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to make your buying experience an enjoyable one.

8′ x 8′$2,110$2,250$2,535
8′ x 10′$2,250$2,355$2,650
8′ x 12′$2,375$2,510$2,825
8′ x 14′$2,540$2,695$3,060
8′ x 16′$2,715$2,875$3,245
10′ x 10′$2,910$3,070$3,445
10′ x 12′$3,060$3,255$3,655
10′ x 14′$3,260$3,385$3,825
10′ x 16′$3,385$3,545$4,020
10′ x 18′$3,605$3,760$4,235
12′ x 14′$3,565$3,725$4,195
10′ x 20′$3,825$3,990$4,500
12′ x 16′$3,795$3,945$4,475
12′ x 18′$4,050$4,225$4,765
12′ x 20′$4,355$4,600$5,195
12′ x 24′$5,110$5,325$6,040
12′ x 28′$5,845$6,015$6,850
12′ x 32′$6,550$6,765$7,705
12′ x 34′$6,860$7,080$8,100
12′ x 36′$7,190$7,410$8,485

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