Shed Delivery and Site Prep


At Meadow Lark Structures, we are able to deliver all sheds and buildings that we sell. We have a custom built trailer designed to enable us to deliver your building to your backyard.

Shed Delivery

Delivery is free in all Erie and Crawford counties for most sheds and buildings up to 14’ wide.* There is a $5.00 fee per loaded mile for delivery beyond those counties. Buildings and sheds over 8’ wide delivered outside of PA require an extra permit fee. All 14’ wide buildings require a $595 permit and escort fee.

Shed Delivery Mule

Got tight corners or a wet lawn? Request ‘Mule’ for final placement of your prebuilt shed. ($85 Mule service charge.)

Shed Mule mover

Site Prep for your Building

Please have your site ready and accessible. Normal delivery and set up usually takes 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Make sure the site is as level as possible.
  • The building will only be as level as the foundation!
  • We recommend a gravel pad or concrete foundation for all sheds over 8’ wide.
  • Use 3-6” of 2-B gravel or crushed stone as opposed to “pea” stone.
  • Prepare the site 1-2’ wider and longer that the shed. This will prevent roof runoff from splashing dirt up on the side causing what we refer to as “the ring around the shed.”
  • Check for power lines, tree limbs, etc. – combined height of trailer and building could be 14’ high.
  • Buyer is responsible to remove fences, or any obstacle that would hinder access to the site. If we need to cross neighboring properties, buyer is responsible to gain permission before delivery.

* Twelve foot wide Quakers may require extra fees

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