360 Hunting Blinds

360 Standard hunting blind

360 Standard

Our 360 Standard has a full 6’ 6" ceiling height. The Standard comes with carpet on the floor and has 13 weighted windows. This blind is perfect for the gun or crossbow hunter.

360 Pro hunting blind

360 Pro

The 360 Pro is designed with the archery hunter in mind. This 6x6 blind comes standard with carpet on the floor and walls, 4 archery windows, and
9 standard windows.

360 Shootin House hunting blind

360 Shooting House

The 360 Shootin House comes standard with 4 archery windows, 4 standard windows, and carpeted floor and walls.
This blind is perfect for archery, gun and crossbow hunters.

360 hunting blinds shanty hunter

Shanty Hunter

Our Shanty Hunter Blind is a 5x5 square blind with 4 weighted windows. The Shanty comes with carpet on the floor and a full 6’6’’ interior height. This is the perfect entry blind $1,500 for the gun or crossbow hunter.

360 Pro XL hunting blind

360 Pro XL

The 360 Pro XL comes with all the features of the popular 360 Pro blind, but with more space. Plenty of room for multiple hunters or a camera man with all
their gear and equipment!

Features and Options

360 Hunting Blinds features and options

Standard Features & Specs:

  • Weight - 6x6 360: 650lb. Shanty: 550lb. Shootin House: 650lb.
  • Number of Windows - 6x6 360: 13; Shanty: 4; Shootin House: 8
  • Interior Height - 6’6’’
  • Integrated Ventilation
  • Door Size: 24’’ x 60’’
  • Solid Wood Frame Construction
  • Painted LP Smartside Exterior and Interior
  • Carpeted Floor (and walls on Pro and Shootin House)
  • Built in 4 x 4 Pockets for Tower Stands

Tower Stands and Accessories

4’ Pressure Treated Wood Tower Stand$500
8’ Pressure Treated Wood Tower Stand$600
12’ Pressure Treated Wood Tower Stand$800
8’ Metal Tower Stand$1050
Adjustable leg kit for 8’ Metal Tower Stand$200
4' Extension Kit for 8’ Metal Tower Stand$450
8' - 11’ Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Tower Stand$1500
Large Shelf w/cup holder$60
Set of 2 Small Shelves w/cup holder$60
8 oz. Anti Fog Window Cleaner$20
Delivery & Onsite Setup

Delivery charge is $3 per mile one way plus setup fee. Additional charges may apply if site is not accessible by 4x4 truck.

add an additional $200 for 12’ & 16’ tower stand setups.
*All blinds comes standard with vent above door.

More Hunting Blind Photos

inside and outside of a 360 Standard hunting blind

Inside and outside of a 360 Huntin Blind

360 hunting blind on stand

360 hunting blind on stand

360 Standard hunting blind with snow

8’ Wood Stand includes steps with railings on both sides.
- 360 Pro pictured on stand.

Hunters Speak

hunter that uses 360 huntin blinds with a deer

As someone who spends countless days in the field, I chose 360 Hunting Blinds because they are the best blinds on the market. Blair Goins, The Rival TV

nice buck

“While this was the first deer I ever shot from a 360 Hunting Blind, I am confident it won’t be the last. If you are looking for a high-quality hunting blind you owe it to yourself to take a close look at 360 Hunting Blinds.”
Don Higgins - Co-owner of Real World Wildlife Products Whitetail Consultant - Outdoor Writer